Our History

Chung Fatt Kee was founded in 1946 as the Japanese occupation ended. Till this day, the company has been in the horology business for more than 70 years and counting. The series of events that led to the establishment of Chung Fatt Kee dates back to 1936, where founder, Mr. Chung Lai Chan who at that point, was a mere 11 year old boy who immigrated from Zijin County of Guangdong Province to Kudat, a fairly small town in Sabah.

While in Kudat, Chung served as an apprentice at a watch store set up by fellow Zijin County residents. Chung honed his skills in watchmaking for several years before finally setting up Chung Fatt Kee at the tender age of just 20 when he relocated to Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah.

For over seven decades in business, Chung Fatt Kee has relocated its store on several occasions along the streets of Jalan Gaya and Jalan Pantai, which happens to be the central business district of the city of Kota Kinabalu. As of today, Chung Fatt Kee is currently helmed by Mr. Clement Chung, the son of the late Mr. Chung Lai Chan, while assisted by his children, marking the third generation involvement in the business.

Chung Fatt Kee is currently located at No.13, Jalan Pantai in Kota Kinabalu. We at Chung Fatt Kee strive to always improve be it on the retail front, or our services. We aim to serve our customers many more decades to come with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Buying a Rolex with us

Chung Fatt Kee has a long standing partnership with Rolex, an authorized dealer for more better part of 60 years now, it is definitely the place to visit in Sabah should you have your eyes set on any finely crafted Rolex timepieces. We at Chung Fatt Kee pride ourselves on being the only certified after-sales service provider of Rolex timepieces in the state. All services are done in-house fitted with genuine parts from Rolex giving customers a peace of mind when they buy a Rolex from Chung Fatt Kee.


We aim to develop relationships with our customer that does not end after a sale, but rather continuously nurtured through our after-sales service; and be recognised as a retailer of timepieces that provides an approachable and delightful experience to our respected customers.

Vision Statement

We strive to continuously improve our services to ensure our customers are guaranteed a compelling experiences our store. Chung Fatt Kee would also hope to expand its inventory with more brands in the future to appeal to a wider spectrum of customers.


Your experience with Chung Fatt Kee doesn’t end after the purchase of your timepiece. We provide professional after-sales services as part of our commitment to keeping you satisfied with your purchase.